” Elevating Your Business with Taha IP’s Expert intellectual property Services –Pioneers in Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, and Designs “


Taha IP assist in prosecution and monitoring trademarks through registration, watch notes, providing all kinds of recordal, legal advice to commercialize TM.

Taha IP provides a range of services related to trademark protection and enforcement, including:

1. Trademark search and clearance
2. Trademark filing and registration
3. Trademark renewal and maintenance
4. Trademark opposition and dispute resolution
5. Trademark enforcement and litigation support

These services are designed to help clients secure and protect their trademarks, as well as to enforce their rights in the event of infringement.


Taha IP offers comprehensive patent services, covering the entire process from Filing to patenting, including related agreements and licensing contracts. Regardless of the patent field you are in, Taha IP provides the necessary services.

The services Taha IP provide for Patents are:

1. Prior art search
2. Patent drafting
3. Filing and patenting
4. Recordals as assignments, change of name/address and ownership
5. Licensing
6. Translation of patent specifications
7. Annuity payments

Industrial Design

While every patent is a type of industrial design, not all industrial designs can be patented. Helping clients understand when and why to file for design protection is a key focus of Taha IP. Many clients are not aware of these differences and Taha IP aims to assist in this regard.

The services Taha IP provide for Industrial design are:

1. Prior art search.
2. Filing and registration.
3. Assignments, change of name/address and ownership.
4. Annuity payments


Taha IP provides advice and representation to clients on a variety of issues related to copyright, including procurement, exploitation, protection, and transfer of copyrightable works.

The services Taha IP provide for Copyrights are:

Taha IP through its seasoned team helps its clients with copyright registration to preserve the content of their innovation. Our services are provided in a highly competitive and cost-effective way.

Domain Names

Taha IP offers assistance with domain name registration, search, timely payment of maintenance fees, and protection against adverse events online.

The services Taha IP provide for Domain Names are:

Taha IP help to search for registered domain names of major companies, whether there has been any reservation with any domain name, generates a list of current and active domain names that have been registered and also in creating the perfect domain name for your business.

Technical And Legal Translations

Taha IP provides accurate legal and technical translations using appropriate terminology through its team of professional translators.

The services Taha IP provide for Technical And Legal Translations are:

Taha IP offer accurately legal and technical translations by using suitable terminology through our professional translators.

Monitoring And Enforcement

Taha IP helps clients by following a systematic process where they are kept informed of any issues that require reporting and enforcement, through criminal or civil means. As intellectual property is a crucial business asset, Taha IP also offers post-registration services to detect potential infringement.

The services Taha IP provide for Monitoring And Enforcement are:

1. Watch Notice
2. Customs recordals
3. Market investigation

IP Awareness And Training For Companies

Taha IP assists in developing training programs for students, startups, and organizations to increase awareness and enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of local and global SMEs.

The services Taha IP provide for IP Awareness And Training For Companies are:

Taha IP help in the creation of training courses to students start-ups and institutions to spread the awareness and to improve the competitiveness, sustainability of the SMEs in the local and global markets.

IP Auditing And Strategy

Taha IP supports a thorough evaluation of their clients’ intellectual property assets, related risks, and potential opportunities. They aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of their clients and their business processes. Taha IP’s approach emphasizes true collaboration, encouraging client involvement in the development of their IP strategy.

The services Taha IP provide for IP Auditing And Strategy are:

Taha IP assist in the systematic review of our client’s business IP assets and correlated risks and prospects. Taha IP do strive to have a deeper understanding of our clients and their business operations. Our approach is a participatory one which is designed to educate and involve our clients in the IP strategy design.